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Western Video game developers be like, “I got this idea for a game about bald anti-hero white dude with a really big gun and is complete unemphatic to everyone’s feelings, something gamers have never seen before.”

“ Why is it PS4/Xbox One only?? I don’t wanna buy a new console for that, I wanna play it on my Atari 2600 ”

—    People who seriously need to get a damn job

It actually doesn’t matter how good the English Dub is because weaboos will always want to watch it in the Holy language of Japanese.

“ Why don’t they make it for the older consoles? I don’t wanna buy a next gen system for that ”

—    Broke Ass Niggas

yoooo, it’s so crazy when you think PS4 has been out for barely over a month and has already surpassed Xbox One and is about to surpass Wii U.

“ Why don’t they make that game for the old consoles? ”

—    Broke Ass Niggas

Xbox One controllers use AA batteries.


What kind of hoe shit is that Microsoft.

I don’t even.

Basic as fuck.

What’s generally lacking from a lot of western video games is that it either tries to be entirely violent or entirely emotional. There is never a middle ground in which Western games try to touch a grand number of feelings. And this is odd. Because what is the West, particularly the US known for across the world? Great Films. It is odd to me what a culture achieves so easily in our films never touches how we approach the script writing and design for our video game scenarios.

So many video games I wish I could forget I ever played so I can replay them again for the very first time.