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“ Why is it PS4/Xbox One only?? I don’t wanna buy a new console for that, I wanna play it on my Atari 2600 ”

—    People who seriously need to get a damn job

It actually doesn’t matter how good the English Dub is because weaboos will always want to watch it in the Holy language of Japanese.

“ Why don’t they make it for the older consoles? I don’t wanna buy a next gen system for that ”

—    Broke Ass Niggas

yoooo, it’s so crazy when you think PS4 has been out for barely over a month and has already surpassed Xbox One and is about to surpass Wii U.

“ Why don’t they make that game for the old consoles? ”

—    Broke Ass Niggas

Xbox One controllers use AA batteries.


What kind of hoe shit is that Microsoft.

I don’t even.

Basic as fuck.

What’s generally lacking from a lot of western video games is that it either tries to be entirely violent or entirely emotional. There is never a middle ground in which Western games try to touch a grand number of feelings. And this is odd. Because what is the West, particularly the US known for across the world? Great Films. It is odd to me what a culture achieves so easily in our films never touches how we approach the script writing and design for our video game scenarios.

So many video games I wish I could forget I ever played so I can replay them again for the very first time.


Yay! MLZ studio’s new San Japan Video!! The video is incredibly amazing!

Support MLZ studio by watching his videos and spread the word!


I love how my wings and Auriel cosplay looked in this video @___@!

Look at my friend Kristie cosplay Auriel! You can find her at around the 1 minute mark.

FOLLOW HER!!! She’s my friend ROXANNE

Must I give a list of Reasons why? Fuckin Christ man:

  • Runs a bad ass gangsta ass fly ass legit ass blog
  • Cosplays as fucking Chun Li, I mean, just look at her.
  • Chill as all fuck
  • Gave me her kidney when both of mine stopped working
  • Stabbed a few people when I was in a dark alley
  • Most Legit cosplayer of all time, including alternate realities
  • A bunch of other gangsta ass shit, fuck I don’t know nigga. JUST FOLLOW HER.