Raian Xionsin
About far left and far right not being different. Its pretty correct. Like communist and fascist regimes aren't all that different.

Here’s what I notice you’ll find about extreme left and extreme right in politics:

  • "Witch-hunting" to decide who’s views are "pure" left/right
  • Such ideal notions about the left/right that they believe there is no limit to how correct they even are.
  • Again..such ideal notions about their political position, they’ll even want people who are moderates or perhaps center left/right to die.
  • Both extremes, can at times, be Anti-science (while still wholeheartedly believe what they think is pure science)
  • Both believe that if the entire world operated on the ideas of their ideology, then literally all the world’s problems would be solved.
  • Both Right and left elected officials will always be criticized by the extreme left/right for not being liberal/conservative ‘enough’ even if what they’re asking for is not contextually plausible or feasible (though they always believe it)

Anyway, the list continues and I think people should be more rational and using their own heads, rather than “Hive minds”

Republicans: Lol. Gay people are abominations to God. They'll ruin marriage.
Republicans: Women don't need birth control or abortions, Rape is a miracle you sluts.
Republicans: Black people just want Obama because he'll give them more food stamps
Republicans: illegal Immigrants? Why don't we just discriminate against them so badly they'll deport themselves
Republicans: Poor people..? LOLLLLLLLLLL
Republicans: Muslims, atheist and all non-christians should get their sick beliefs away from our children.
Republicans on November 6th, 2012: Wait. How come nobody voted for us?

Shit Romney looks like he wants to date rape Obama.

Romney think he a gangsta just because he gonna kill Big Bird.




Republican Money.

Mitt Romney is a millionaire who wants tax cuts for millionaires.

And a 'Republican' is what you call someone who’s dumb enough to believe that millionaires giving other millionaires more tax breaks is good for all of us.

“President Obama wants everybody in America to go to college. What a snob!” - Rick Santorum

“There are good, decent men and women who work hard every day and put their skills to the test that aren’t taught by some liberal college professor… That’s why he wants you to go to college. He wants to remake you in his image,” Santorum said. “I want to create jobs so people can remake their children into their image, not his.”

I’m sorry but if you vote for this man, you are a mother fucking idiot.

Conservatives call it socialism when the rich give to the poor, and capitalism when the poor give to the rich.
Newt Gingrich.

Newt Gingrich.