Anonymous: Besides Michiko Malandro, do you know of any other Black female anime characters? I'm really trying to get into anime

I am honestly a terrible person to ask. Hahaha. I’m much more into Video games than Anime. There are very few black people in Anime or anyone darker than the shade of ‘mega light skin’ to ‘slightly peach mega light skin’. To be entirely honest, other than Michiko from everything I’ve seen you won’t find much. Keep in mind that anime comes from a culture in which even Tan skin is considered to be lower classed and ugly, so when making ideal characters, dark skin people aren’t really featured.


Steal His Look: Tidus

  • Yellow Sports Bra: $15
  • Bicycle Chain: $20
  • Basketball Hoop: $8
  • Black PE Shorts: $7
  • Gardening Gloves (Single): $4.50
  • Gauntlet (Single): $650
  • Some boots from Walmart: $40
  • Black Apron: $7.50
  • Black Leather Belt: $8
  • Refreshing Sense of Humor: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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Anonymous: Do you think apple will eventually go under or become irrelevant like blackberry did?






Apple has 159 billion dollars in cash. That’s not even counting the assets they own, this is just money sitting around waiting to be spent on some shit. 

One brilliant thing they’re doing with all that money is using it to continue the most successful marketing campaign I’ve ever seen. Brainwashing millions of people into thinking their life is incomplete unless they own one of Apple’s products. 

Having a reserve of cash that big means its virtually impossible for you to ever go out of business unless some unforseen catastrophic event happens.

For example, Nintendo has 15 billion dollars in their reserves, and its been said that Nintendo can run a deficit of $250 million for over 30 years until they were forced to run out of business.  

Imagine how long Apple could go. 

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